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Puppy classes

Give your puppy a good start in life!

There is a key developmental phase between 6-12 weeks of age when puppies form their behavioural habits. Many puppies are isolated from contact with other dogs in this period until their vaccinations are completed, resulting in poor social behaviour. Puppy classes are an excellent way to bridge the socialisation gap.

PUPPY CLASSES at Donnington Grove Veterinary Group consist of a four week course of one hour sessions, one evening per week.

Puppies need only to have had their first vaccination to start the course. Classes are run at our Thtacham surgery where the floors have been properly disinfected.

Time is spent equally between play, training and health information. The emphasis is on having fun and if there are any problems with individual pups we make a concerted effort to provide a plan for ongoing behavioural modification and support. This is also an opportunity for puppies to have a positive experience in the surgery.

Class sizes range between 5 and 8 puppies.

If you are interested, please contact reception at our Tadley branch on 01189 815500, or at our Thatcham branch on 01635 868382. 

Puppy classesPuppy classesPuppy classes