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Useful links

You may find the following website links helpful.

Veterinary Information

The Veterinary Expert - A website containing articles on health and disease written by vets. A resource which can be trusted, compared to much of the internet where you don't know where the information is coming from. 

Hydrotherapy Pools and Centres

Splash 4 Dogs - hydrotherapy pool in Baughurst, near Tadley.

Vale Hydrotherapy - hydrotherapy pool in Wantage. 

Top Dog Hydrotherapy - hydrotherapy centre near Andover with a pool and a water treadmill. Also now have a site in Newbury 

Veterinary Referral Centres

This is a list of some of the veterinary referral centres  we sometimes refer pets to for specialist investigations and treatment. If we do refer your pet, their websites will give you some information about the centres and supply directions to get there.

Multidisciplinary Centres

These centres will deal with a range of specialities.

Anderson Moores - located near Winchester: orthopaedic surgery; soft tissue surgery; internal medicine cases.

Davies Veterinary Specialists - located near Hitchin in Hertfordshire, they have specialists in the majority of fields.

Royal Veterinary College, London - near South Mimms, just north of London, they have specialists in all areas and area a teaching hospital.

Bristol Veterinary School - at Langford, near Bristol, they are a teaching hospital with a variety of specialists, especially in soft-tissue surgery.

VRCC - primarily a cancer specialist with a radiotherapy unit, they also perform other surgery. They are located in Essex.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Fitzpatrick Referrals - located near Godalming in Surrey, they are pioneers in new orthopaedic techniques.

Ian MacQueen - an orthopaedic surgeon practising near Devizes.


Optivet - an ophthalmic (eye) referral centre in Southampton

Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine

Luca Ferasin - a cardiac specialist who operates here at Donnington Grove

Martin Referrals - a referral centre near Warwick.

Dental Specialists

Dental Vets - a dental specialist who visits Egham in Surrey.

Celia Gorrell - a dental specialist who visits Swindon. 

Useful links

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