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Dentistry and dental health

Pets have teeth and teeth can suffer problems. The proper care for your pet's mouth can lead to a longer and happier life for you and your pet.

A few simple steps may reduce the chance of your pet having to have an anaesthetic to correct dental disease.

Dental disease in dogs and cats

Dental disease in cats and dogs is somewhat different to that in humans. They suffer very few dental cares (the holes the your dentist would put a filling in) but suffer a lot of peridontal disease.

Peridontal disease is caused by the build-up of plaque and tartar around the gum-line. Eventually this build-up breaks down the attachments of the tooth causing gum recession or peridontal pockets. This can lead to dental abscesses and loss of teeth.

Tartar is not a solid as it looks and contains vast numbers of bacteria. These bacteria cause a foul odour and can get into the blood stream through the inflamed gum lining. Bacteria from the mouth can cause periods of vague illness and can cause kidney and liver damage.

Nurse Dental Clinics

If you wish to discuss the measure you can take to care for your pet's teeth, you can make a free dental appointment with one of our nurses. They can take you through the products and diets available to help maintain your pet's teeth in good health.