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Most medications for your pet will be dispensed to you at the time of your appointment.

Repeat Prescriptions

Animals on regular medication may be able to receive a further supply without an appointment. Your vet should inform you if this is possible for your pet. We will usually dispense one or two months medication at a time, depending on the case.

When you need more of a regular medication, please contact us 24 hours before you wish to collect your medication to place your order. All prescription-only medicines must be approved by a vet before they can be dispensed.

We are legally obliged to ensure animals we dispense prescription-only medicine to are "under our care" in an actual (rather than nominal) way. For this we will need to re-examine your pet on a regular basis to ensure their needs have not changed and to discuss their on-going medication. This will often be every 6 months, although may need to be more frequent in some cases.

Please note, this is for regular medications only. If you wish more medication because your pet's problem has not resolved or has recurred, you will need to make an appointment.

Written Prescriptions

Although the practice will usually dispense any medication you require, you have the right to request a written prescription for you to obtain the medication from another legal source, such as another practice, a pharmacist or a UK-based online pharmacy.

We will make a charge for this service.

Please note, we are prevented by law from using generic medicines where a product licensed for animals exists, even though these may be cheaper. Anyone supplying against our prescriptions must abide by the same law. Also note, if you import prescription medicines from outside the UK you will be committing a criminal offence.

Prescriptions Prescriptions

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