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Clinical advice

The practice is happy to provide veterinary advice of a general nature over the telephone, subject to the availability of our clinical staff. With regards to advice for a specific condition or animal, it is not possible to make an accurate diagnosis by telephone and in most cases it is likely that a visit or consultation will be required.

In addition, we have produced a number of information sheets which you may find useful for advice, especially to find a little more information if your pet has been diagnosed with a condition. To view the list of information sheets available follow the link to the left. 

The internet can be a minefield if you don't know what you are looking for - some information is good, but some is not. A good website to look for information about health advice and disease conditions is The Verterinary Expert. This site contains a number of articles written by vets, so the information can be trusted. If you register (for free) there are some useful online videos about pet health.

Clinical advice

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