Small Animal


At O'Gorman, Slater & Main we are well equipped for dealing with small animal medical problems. Our small animal vets have a caring and diligent approach to medical conditions to make the best efforts to determine the problem and to provide the appropriate treatment for your pet.

Most of the day-to-day minor medical problems are dealt with during consultations but some of the more serious or difficult problems may require your animal to be admitted for further investigations or treatments.

Although much can be determined in a consultation, we are not able to diagnose all problems without making use of our extensive diagnostic facilities.

Diagnostic Facilities

Our on-site, professionally-staffed laboratory is an invaluable tool in the investigation of medical problems giving us rapid access to accurate and detailed results that would otherwise be subject to delay while samples are sent away. We also have a small easy-to-use analyser for out-of-hours work.

Our other diagnostic facilities include radiography (x-rays), ultrasound, ECG, endoscopy and MRI, giving us a wide range of options for the investigation of problems. We are equipped for many other diagnostic procedures that may prove necessary.

These facilities combined with the knowledge and experience of our vets, mean that we have a good chance of diagnosing your pet's problem.