Small Animal


The practice has a well-equipped sterile small animal operating theatre with two operating tables, each fitted with a heat reflective mat and an electric heat pad to keep anaesthetised animals warm. There is also a separate preparation area where animals are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. Non-sterile procedures are also carried out in this area.

Surgical procedures are usually carried out under general anaesthesia, which always carries some risk. We minimise this risk by proper patient preparation, using modern anaesthetic agents and monitoring patients closely. See the anaesthesia page for more details.

Our theatre is equipped with a wide range of surgical equipment. In addition to extensive instrumentation for soft-tissue and orthopaedic procedures, we have an electrosurgical unit (for cauterisation of blood vessels), surgical suction unit, surgical stapling devices, oscillating saws (for cutting bone) and arthroscopic surgical equipment (keyhole surgery for joints).

24-hour post-operative care

Care for surgical patients does not stop when they leave theatre. Our hospital has staff on site 24 hours a day to monitor in-patients following major surgery.

Advanced surgery

In addition to all routine surgery, we are able to undertake a wide range of advanced surgical procedures which are not often available without an expensive referral. In particular, Shaun Ferneley has a Certificate in Small Animal Surgery, an advanced qualification in this field.

Examples of more advanced surgery include:

  • Brachycephalic airway surgery (e.g. Bulldogs)
  • Arytenoid lateralisation for laryngeal paralysis ('tie-back' procedure)
  • Total ear canal ablation for intractable ear disease
  • Thoracic wall resection
  • Complex fracture repair
  • Surgery for cruciate ligament rupture, including TTA procedure
  • Arthroscopy for elbow dysplasia and shoulder OCD

Some of these procedures are normally only available by referral to a specialist. Although we cannot offer the full range of expertise of a Diploma-holding specialist surgeon, we can offer a good service at a lower price than a specialist.

Theatre in actionRadiograph of a fracture leg repaired with a plateSurgery for a diseased gall bladder