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Externships and EMS

Extra Murial Studies (EMS)/Seeing Practice

Equine and/or Small Animal Placements:  Placements are generally for two or three weeks and can be in one specific area of the practice (Equine or Small Animal) or combine time in both.  Note for students who are keen to pursue a career in the Equine sector after qualification it may be more useful to attend one of our externship placements (see below).

Requests please by email using the link below to our Contact Us page or email direct to:  [email protected]  (please specify your preferred dates, areas of interest and attach your CV)

Equine Externship Placement 

Our Equine Externship placements are for a 4 week blocks and offer a hands-on experience that will expose externs to a variety of diagnostic and treatment disciplines. The primary emphasis is placed on Lameness Diagnosis, Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery and Internal Medicine in order to prepare the candidates for a hospital internship program. The program is suitable for fourth or final year veterinary students. Veterinary graduates may be considered in very limited circumstances. However, as the externship is booked up a long way in advance and due to previous problems with graduates cancelling the externship at short notice we will give priority to veterinary students. Foreign students may be considered; however excellent English speaking skills are required and we may request a Skype interview. Good horse handling skills and confidence with horses are essential to be considered for the externship and your CV should reflect this. You may be asked to pay a deposit to secure the externship and this wil not be refunded if the externship is cancelled with less than 3 months notice.

The extern will be provided with free on-site accommodation.  This accommodation will consist of a room, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Meals and food are not provided but cooking facilities are available.  No pets or overnight visitors are allowed.  Students will need to provide their own bedding (i.e. sheets and quilts or a sleeping bag)  

We hope to make it an enjoyable and learning experience. Externs are encouraged to be helpful to all the members of staff and as a result staff members will be more likely to share some of their knowledge and time.  A reference/certificate (in digital format) will be provided at the completion of the externship.

The externship requires the commitment of a responsible and enthusiastic person with adequate horse handling skills.  The externs are an essential part of the running of the hospital. It is expected that once a candidate commits to an externship programme that the complete externship is fulfilled. Externships are in great demand and it is unfair for a candidate to cancel their position thus making it impossible for other candidates to fill a position at short notice. The practice would ask that candidates honour their commitments. We hope to make it an enjoyable and learning experience.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Additional Details and Applications

Applications to [email protected]

or click here to go to our Contact Us page  then select "Vet Student EMS" from the address list

Both our EMS and Externship Programmes are very popular so please book your placement well in advance. 

"An externship at Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery helped me to get an internship - my first foot hold in equine practice"

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