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Services and facilities

We are happy to offer the following services listed by species in addition to treatment of sick animals.

Cattle: fully mobile ultrasound pregnancy testing service and routine fertility visits, foot trimming, DEFRA work such as tuberculosis testing, anthrax testing: herd health advice on disease such as BVD, leptospirosis, johnes disease and parasite prevention: DNA sampling for parentage. Blood analysis work such as haematology and biochemistry (for example metabolic profiles) and faecal worm egg counts are done in our own lab, normally with same day results. We can arrange for bull fertility testing in conjunction with professional colleagues.

Sheep: for our large commercial flocks we appreciate being involved in all aspects of the health management including parasite control and feeding. We will undertake any necessary blood sampling such as MV testing or metabolic profiles. For smaller flocks we will assist with vaccination programmes, treating lameness and other health issues, feeding and parasite control advice.

Goats: disbudding and castration of kids under general anaesthetic, parasite control, health advice.

Pigs: routine health advice, parasite control, general treatment including castration under anaesthetic of pet pigs.

Services and facilities

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