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The non-pregnant mare

The Mare Examination

The mainstay of mare gynaecological examination is the ultrasound assessment of the reproductive tract. The aim of this examination is to determine the ideal time for the mare to visit the stallion, ensuring she is at her most receptive, and so maximising her chance of conceiving.

This involves a per rectum examination of both ovaries, uterus and cervix. Most mares tolerate this surprisingly well, with minimum restraint, and the exam can generally be carried out at home in a box if stocks are not available. Some mares require sedation.

Infertility Examination

There are many causes of reduced fertility and abnormal breeding behaviour in the horse.

We provide an in depth investigation, beyond the routine/everyday causes, into reduced fertility in both mares and stallions.

This may involve more advanced procedures such as video hysteroscopy, uterine biopsy, semen collection and evaluation in addition to more common techniques and the examination aims to give an accurate prognosis for future breeding success.

Some of the less common causes of reduced fertility in the mare, such as uterine cysts, foreign bodies or tumours can be diagnosed. Many of these problems can be corrected with minimally invasive procedures.

These examinations are generally carried out at our Donnington surgery in Newbury Berkshire.