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Ordering medication

Prescription only medication

Most of the drugs that you will order from the surgery will fall into this category and includes:

  • Antibiotics. e.g. Penicillin, Equitrim sachets 
  • Anti-inflammatories. e.g. Phenylbutazone (bute), Finadyne 
  • Sedatives e.g. Sedalin
  • Antibiotic eye ointment

To obtain any drugs within this category, permission from your vet is a legal requirement. Therefore if you wish to order drugs, please contact one of the equine secretaries and allow sufficient time for them to get permission from your vet and process the drugs.

For horses with chronic conditions that have not been seen within the previous 6 months by your vet, re-examination may be necessary before drugs can be given. This again is a legal requirement, and although inconvenient is in the best interests of your horse. Drugs that are used over longer time periods can produce side effects that may initially be subtle at onset and require monitoring. Other drugs e.g. Pergolide should be monitored for their effectiveness by regular blood sampling.


Cilents wishing to obtain drugs in the above categories from a local chemist will need to obtain a prescription. Please contact the clinic, giving at least 48 hours notice, to obtain a prescription for which there will be an administrative charge.

Please note that the same legal requirements regarding prescription only medication apply to issuing a prescription (see details above).

Wormers and non prescription drugs

The Practice carries a reasonable stock of wormers, medicated shampoos and oral supplements (such as vitamins and joint "neutraceuticals") which we are happy to supply to clients. If yoiu wish to obrtain specific advice on any of these products pleaser contact either your regular vet or look for information on the web.