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Services and facilities

Routine Fertility Work

We offer a comprehensive service for both TB and non TB mares and can help you with everything from deciding whether or not a mare is suitable for breeding through to pregnancy, foaling and beyond...

Pre-Breeding Examination and Testing

Before making any decisions as to stallions or whether to use AI or natural cover, we strongly recommend a mare has a pre-breeding exam. This should be a general MOT, but paying particular attention to her reproductive tract. This will involve an internal exam (including ultrasound) and should determine whether or not the mare is a good broodmare candidate. During this examination, the vet should be able to tell where in her regular cycle your mare is, and so be able to help you plan the timing of breeding.

Many studs also insist that a mare has been screened against infectious venereal diseases before she visits the stallion. This normally involves the taking of a blood sample and swabs from the clitoris and cervix, and can usually be done as part of the initial examination. AI mares are usually exempt.

A negative blood test result is normally required for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) and Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA).