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Thoroughbred sales services

Young stock produced on commercial thoroughbred studs will normally at some stage either as a foal or yearling be put through the sales ring.

We can provide the following services which can assist in this process:

  • Pre sales vettings to remove any nasty surprises and also provide basic certification for sale.
  • Radiography. For horses of a certain value, we would recommend pre sales screening radiography to give purchasers added insurance that there are no hidden problems that are not detectable on clinical examination. To be valid for a sale they must be clearly labelled and carried out within a month of the date of sale. For very valuable stock, we would recommend that a screening set is also taken at 9-12 months, so that any visible abnormalities can be addressed at this stage.
  • Endoscopy. We can also obtain video endoscopic images of the larynx.