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Pre purchase examination

The practice is prepared to conduct vettings at agents or trainers request at relatively short notice. If you require a particular clinician to conduct the examination you can either contact them directly or via the equine receptionists. Vettings will be conducted at the trainers premises and at their and the clinicians mutual convenience during normal stable hours. If there are special requirements, especially with regard to horses that will be sold abroad, then this should be stipulated at the time, especially with regards to:

Diagnostic Imaging: Requirements for radiography and ultrasonography vary from client to client and between racing jurisdictions. To avoid the disappointment of inadequate views being obtained, please state requirements at the time of initial contact as returning to obtain further views is likely to delay sale. If you require the images to be examined by a third party, please state this at the time along with contact details. Images can be sent in the most convenient format.

Export requirements: If the horse is likely to be exported subsequent to the sale, there may be advantage in obtaining bloods/swabs from the horse at the time of vetting to expedite the process. Similarly there may be vaccination requirements to allow movement of the horse to other jurisdictions.

Endoscopy: The horse will always be scoped following exercise to assess the laryngeal function and a score will be submitted consistent with the Havermeyer scale.

Certificates will be issued as soon as possible but not before the clinician has had time to fully assess all the relevant information. If the horse is currently under the care of the practice, we can release the previous clinical history at the time of examination with the permission of the vendor.