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Referral services

We regularly accept referrals from other practices. Our principle areas of expertise include surgery, lameness diagnosis, with emphasis on imaging including MRI scanning and scintigraphy (bone scanning), medical investigations including gastroscopy, and reproductive examinations including the use of frozen and chilled semen for AI.

We provide a fully professional service, we communicate personally with the referring veterinary surgeon promptly and produce a full and detailed report within a day or so of referral. We also interpret radiographs and other medical images for referring veterinary and clients.

Our surgical referral case load includes all branches of equine surgery, such as colic surgery (at any time of any day) laparoscopy in the standing sedated horse, arthroscopic surgery for joint conditions including sepsis, again on an emergency basis, and fracture repair. We maintain a full stock of the latest orthopaedic repair equipment, such that we can realistically tackle a long bone fracture such as a radius in an adult horse or a femur in a foal at any time.

We maintain the practical and pragmatic approach to referral cases which we adopt with all our clients - we do not operate for the sake of it. We regularly accept referrals for colic which do not subsequently have surgery - and we consider this approach quite appropriate. We have pioneered less invasive techniques for many surgical diseases, including the conservative management of colon displacements. The data supporting this approach was presented at the International Colic Research Symposium in 2003.


Lameness Investigation 



Gamma Scintigraphy (Bone Scan)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)



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