Digital ultrasonography

Ultrasound has undergone huge technological advance in the last 10 years. So much so that a machine which resembled a Darlek and produced an image similar to that seen on an old black and white portable TV when Darleks were here the first time round, has been replaced by a slimlined version of a laptop producing an image that skyHD would be proud of. The Sonosite Micromax produces excellent image quality, and the choice of three variable frequency probes allows an extensive range of tissues through differing tissue depths to be examined.

The principle of ultrasound is that it relies on high frequency sound waves emitted from the transducer head to be reflected off different tissues at various depths which are in turn captured by the transducer head, and their summation is amalgamated into an image. It is therefore safe, completely non-invasive and non-painful to the patient but it is not able to penetrate bone.

We therefore use ultrasound in the practice to examine:

  • Tendons , ligaments and joint capsules
  • Abdominal contents in colic cases
  • Thoracic cavity for cardiology cases and pleural effusions
  • Bony surfaces to assess pelvic fractures and back problems