Digital radiography

The practice is equiped with a liveried Mobile diagnostic unit (the 'X-Ray Van'), whose primary function is to provide a field x-ray facility capable of producing clinic quality images. For this to be achieved , we consider it paramount that an experienced nurse is available to help the attending vet. This means that although the client will be expected to hold the horse for the procedure (full lead gown and radiation monitor provided!), the nurse is responsible for accurate limb and plate placement, so ensuring angulation and positioning is textbook.

The system we use is an Eklin3 unit with a suitable x-ray generator to give sufficient power to give a crystal clear image at a short exposure time , which minimises the effect of any slight movement. The images are processed digitally within a few seconds. If further images are required, these can be taken with the minimum of fuss for you and the patient.

On returning to the clinic, the images can be uploaded directly on to a dedicated system for further in-depth analysis and storage.