Equine surgery

Mobile surgery is offered by all our ambulatory vets. This most commonly takes the form of stitching and repair of flesh wounds which vary in severity. We will endeavour to attend such situations as rapidly as the circumstances will allow and the attending vet will be available to offer appropriate first aid advice whilst on route. This gives you the opportunity to help your horse in the meantime, potentially reducing blood loss and saving tissue vitality. On arrival the vet will evaluate the situation and decide on the best course of action after thorough examination of the wound. If vital structures have been compromised then referral to the hospital may be necessary. Otherwise wounds will normally be treated in the field as rapid resolution normally will give a better prognosis.

We also offer elective surgery for minor procedures. Of these, castration is routinely performed on the standing horse. We would recommend this is normally carried out at the earliest possible opportunity, as with the increasing maturity of the colt, behaviour patterns become more established and the increasing size of blood vessels with age increases the chance of post operative haemorrhage. Drainage of cysts and haematomas, removal of lumps, minor dental procedures and minor orthopaedic procedures may all be carried out at your yard, avoiding the upheaval and expense of referral to the clinic.