Free visit scheme

For the purposes of the Free Visit Scheme, the practice area has been divided into four geographically; the lines being the A34 running in a North/South direction and the A4 in an East/West direction leaving Newbury at the centre, but covering much of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. Each quadrant is designated a zonal area and alloted a day of the week.

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To qualify for a free visit, clients must adhere to the following principles:

  • The booking of the visit must be made with one of our secretaries by Midday of the day prior to the visit.
  • Work carried out on free visits will be quoted at the time of booking.
  • Payment can be made at the time of booking by credit card or by cheque at the point of consultation.
  • You must be available to fit into our schedule, as the vet will make a round of calls which is the most efficient geographically.
  • You will be informed of the time of visit between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on the preceding evening. Please make sure you leave suitable contact details.
  • The work carried out on a free visit is only intended to be of a routine nature.

The free visit scheme is intended to give our clients the advantage of not having to pay for the cost of a visit, whilst allowing us to increase our working efficiency. Given the mileage that the ambulatory vets will drive during the working week, by planning ahead and booking your free visit you are also helping our carbon footprint!

It is not intended to replace our routine service, so if you need a particular clinician to see your horse, or need emergency or specialist treatment, please contact the clinic in the usual way.

Limited Availability: Please note the scheme is very popular and there are a limited number of calls available on each free visit day - so please book your free visit well in advance! 

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"The free visit scheme map is a rough guide to the area we cover. Please contact the equine office to ensure we are able to visit you(01635 39039). Remember that you need to register as a client with the practice to avail of the free visit scheme - we look forward to hearing from you."

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Free visit scheme Free visit scheme

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