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About Us

Donnington Grove Veterinary Group has grown into one of the largest private practices in the country. There are horse vets, small animal vets and equine vets in large separate departments. Whilst doing this, we have been mindful of the attributes that have enabled this growth. Hence we maintain a personal relationship with each and every client, listening to their needs and putting their animals first.

In order to achieve this, our vets have specialised by species and areas of clinical expertise, so that although we are a large practice covering the full range of domestic species, you are guaranteed to see a clinician with specific skills and experience required.

High staffing levels allow 24 hour telephone answering service ( All calls are recorded for security and training purposes) 

  • Emergencies to be attended appropriately
  • 24 hour surgical cover
  • 24 hour nursing and monitoring of inpatients

Greater expenditure on diagnostic equipment leads to quicker and better treatment

A high concentration of vets allows greater skills diversity and productive cross communication of ideas

The high clinical expectations we have of ourselves provides an excellent teaching environment for students and nursing staff

Equine Department:

The Equine Department is centered on our Donnington surgery.The Equine Hospital has stabling for 23 horses and dedicated rooms for ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI and nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning), as well as an operating theatre with two padded knock down and recovery boxes. There is also a menage with an all weather surface and limited grazing.

The equine team consists of 12 ambulatory vets covering Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, backed up by 2 clinic-based surgeons and 3 intern vets plus 10 dedicated Equine nurses.

In 2006 the department carried out 2659 examinations and over 500 surgeries under general anaesthetic. Our clients include most of the regions leading racehorse trainers, many stud farms, international eventers, dressage horses, showjumpers and pleasure horses. The department also provides veterinary cover for Newbury Racecourse, and for a large number of other local shows and events.

Small Animal Department:

As with Equine, Donnington is the main centre of the Small Animal Department. There are three consulting rooms, a sterile operating theatre with two operating tables, a dental treatment/non-sterile ops area and facilities for digital radiography, ultrasonography, ECG, blood pressure measurement and endoscope. As with Equine the department also has access to nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning) and MRI.

The surgery has nursing staff on site 24 hours a day to care for hospitalised animals, enabling us to care for critical patients. The dog ward has kennels for 17 dogs appropriate for the smallest and largest breeds. There is a separate cat ward with cages for 16 cats. In addition, we have a separate isolation ward with a 5 animal capacity.

Our small animal team of 10 veterinary surgeons and 18 nurses has a caring attitude and a dedication to providing the best care for animals. Their experience and knowledge, with the extensive facilities available, enable us to provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services from routine worming, vaccination and neutering to complicated investigations and treatments (both medical and surgical) often not available without referral to a specialist centre.

Appointments at Donnington are available: 8.30-10.30am, 2.00-4.30pm & 5.30-7.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00-10.00am & 2.30-3.30pm Saturday and for urgent cases only 10.00-10.30am Sunday. All consultations are by appointment only.


Appointments and enquiries can be made by calling 01635 47170 for the Small Animal Department and 01635 39039 for the Equine Department.

* Please note we record calls for security and training purposes. 

Our two branch surgeries at Thatcham and Tadley are equipped for appointments, some investigations and routine surgical procedures. Animals requiring more complex care are transferred by ambulance to the main surgery at Donnington.


Our on-site laboratory is staffed by 4 technicians and is one of only 28 HBLB-approved laboratories in the UK for CEM testing in breeding mares. It is fully equipped with state-of the-art haematology, microbiology, cytology and biochemistry processing equipment allowing full support for both our ambulatory and hospital based vets.

We are able to rapidly process results for critically ill in-patients, which allows us to update treatment protocols, by the hour in some cases, and help improve the animal's condition.

We produce many different equine fitness profiles for racing and competition horses which can then allow trainers to alter schedules as required - with great results such as Sir Percy winning the 2006 Vodafone Derby

Exciting new treatments, such as IRAP (Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein) are currently being used in the practice with the support of the laboratory. IRAP uses a horse's own blood to produce an Autolologous Condition Serum which can then be injected into joints with damaged cartilage or inflamed tendon sheaths.