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Visiting an inpatient

Whilst your horse is hospitalised at the clinic, you will be given a daily report over the phone from one of our interns, the young vets who work in our clinic. If you prefer we will send you e mails or text messages, just ask at any time.You will be informed when your horse is standing up and recovered from anaesthesia and surgery.

You may call at any time to find out how your horse is. However, please realise that the latest information on your horse's condition can only be given if there is a suitable member of staff available. We will contact you when we have new or important information. Many investigations take a long time - because we do them carefully. We aren't trying to hide anything from you, but we don't want to tell you something which turns out to be wrong.

You may visit your horse while it is with us at any time. All we ask is that you let us know if you intend to visit out of normal "yard" hours (8am - 6pm Mon - Fri) by calling the equine office on 01635 39039. We do ask you to respect the fact that all the staff, veterinary surgeons, nurses, secretaries and yard staff, undertake out of hours duties on a rota basis and we do not have dedicated "night" staff.

If your horse is muzzled, or has no hay or water, please DO NOT feed them. There is a reason there is no food in there - we haven't simply forgotten or not bothered this morning! 

Visiting an inpatientVisiting an inpatientVisiting an inpatient
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