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Soft tissue

Bruce Bladon is a recognised specialist in soft tissue surgery and is an examiner for the RCVS examinations. The practice has published many papers on topics of soft tissue surgery e.g. Dental surgery, digital flexor tendon sheath surgery, carpal sheath surgery, upper respiratory tract surgery among others. The practise also collaborates with many of the UK universities in the investigation of colic.

The practice facilitates colic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, upper respiratory tract surgery and virtually all other soft tissue surgeries. For further information please get in touch with one of our surgeons.

A cheek tooth has been removed.A small colon intussusception is being corrected - an intussusception is when the intestine telescopes into itself and thus becomes blockedA laparoscopic view of an abdominally retained testicle, the spleen is on the left of the image.  Laparoscopic surgery negates the need for a general anaesthetic and can be carried out in the standing horse.
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EquineSmall AnimalFarm Animal


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