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Equine vaccinations

All horses that are regularly competing or mixing with other horses should be vaccinated against both Influenza (Flu) and Tetanus (Tet). For unvaccinated horses or for those whose vaccinations have expired, the following course is recommended.

First Injection- Flu and Tet Vaccination 

A period of 21 to 92 days

Second Injection - Flu and Tet Vaccination

A period of 150-215 days

Third Injection - Flu Vaccination Only

A period up to 365 days

Annual Booster Vaccination

The above recommendations fall within current Jockey Club/BHA and manufactures standards. The annual injections can be given on the same date as the previous year but no later, so please book well in advance to ensure this deadline is not missed. The FEI requires that horses competing under their rules should receive a flu vaccination every six months +21 days.

For older, retired and isolated horses, Tetanus vaccination alone may suffice. For sufficient coverage the manufacturer recommends vaccination every other year providing there has been an initial primary course of two injections not more than three months apart.

For horses in competition yards and brood mares, we would also recommend vaccination against EHV1-4. This requires two initial injections given 4-6 weeks apart, followed by regular booster injections at 6 monthly intervals. Pregnant mares are particularly susceptible to abortion due to EHV 1-4 in the latter stages of pregnancy and we would therefore recommend vaccination at five, seven and nine months of pregnancy to prevent this outcome.

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