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Weight clinics

Obesity is harmful to the health of a pet. It puts extra strain on the joints and heart. It can lead to problems with the liver and is a cause of diabetes. It also increases anaesthetic risks and makes surgery more difficult should your pet require an operation.

Our nurses run weight clinics to assist with achieving the correct weight for your animal. They can advise you how much to feed, discuss tips to avoid extra food intake and advise you on the correct food for your pet. There are prescription diets available which have a lower energy content while still satisfying your pet's appetite, which they may recommend.

These clinics are free, apart from any diet foods you may purchase through the practice. We currently do not have specific clinic times. Please contact your usual surgery and they will arrange an appointment for you at a mutually convenient time.

Regular weighing can be a useful tool in maintaining your pet's correct weight. We have weighing scales in the waiting room of each of our surgeries that are easy to use. You can come in any time we are open to use these without an appointment.

Weight clinicsWeight clinics
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